Diakron Issues are a set of thematized online publications that are open and ongoing. While we invite groups of contributors for each issue, we also welcome additional contributions. The Issues are frameworks that organize thinking in clusters. Contributions to the issues are added in smaller groups as we receive them. The contributions represent a plurality of ways of adding to, cutting across, or scrambling the overall thematic of each issue. Our intention with the issues, is to set thought and practice into motion. We aim to establish connections between practices that share interests, inform each other and resonate in meaningful ways.
  1. Effects

    In this issue we invite contributors to explore the plural and divergent effects of art and artistic practice. We explore art and artistic practice, as a set of activities that overflow and exceed our ways of engaging with it, be it as producers, viewers or mediators. As humans we navigate alongside other entities that are implicated in art and artistic practice in ways we cannot fully apprehend or access – yet the effects of these relationships are real ...

    Contributions by Pascal Gielen, Simon O'Sullivan, Irit Rogoff & Florian Schneider

  2. Infrastructure

    In this issue we explore the infrastructures that influence the thinking, production and effects of art. The focus is a thinking of infrastructure as a framework of production, something that artistic practice is formed by but also constantly collaborates with, exceeds and modulates ...

    Contributions by Marie Kølbæk Iversen, Amitai Romm, Søren Andreasen, Willy Ørskov, Benedikte Bjerre, David Hilmer Rex