Mi You: Silk Road trajectories


Mi You takes the Silk Road – a network of trade routes connecting East Asia and Europe – as her point of departure. From here, she has developed a body of work in the form of a board game, an archive and a research project with curatorial programs.

In the talk and the discussion to follow she will share her Silk Road trajectory and ask what it means to rethink history and politics through the lens of the Silk Road as network. The talk develops the Silk Road as a figure of thought and a “demystifying method”, which can be used to question practices of culture and politics that define borders in terms of nation, ethnicity, standard of development, and as being fixed in temporal scale. As much as in physical reality as in our imaginations, we need translational tools to generate and recall encounters and to understand them without presupposed interpretation. We need transgressive thinking to make ourselves, once again, nomads.

Mi You is a Beijing-born artist, curator and researcher. She is academic staff at Academy of Media Arts Cologne focusing on global art.