Organizing in The Anthropocene - Losing Balance and Practicing Speculation

Roskilde University

A one-day lecture and workshop in the course Sustainable Cities, hosted by the master programme in Planning and Urban Studies.

The lecture was titled Organizing in The Anthropocene – Losing Balance and Practicing Speculation.

The aim of the lecture was to introduce the concept and some of the philosophical and anthropological consequences of the idea of the Anthropocene era. The lecture was built around a number of case-studies of organizations that are emerging under the larger institutional era, to tackle or prepare societies for social and ecological challenges ahead.

The lecture draws on social theories of i.e. Hannah Arendt, Isabelle Stengers, Arturo Escobar, Slavoj Zizek and Bruno Latour. It also introduces emerging concepts such as quantum consciousness, #stacktivism, organizing as making and the social implications of digital imaginaries. Furthermore the workshops stages an open-ended task of imagining a non-existent organization using multi-media ressources provided on the digital platform

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