Transdisciplinary Research: what next and why?

Medical Museion

Diakron will participate in this international gathering hosted in partnership between The Hub at Wellcome and Medical Museion at the University of Copenhagen.

In order to support great ideas to thrive we need to be creative, collaborative and dynamic in our approach. Transdisciplinary research involves the integration of diverse perspectives, including non-academic participants along with more traditional researchers from different disciplines: an experimental intellectual space, in which stakeholders come together to co-design both the research process and its key outputs. We are interested in exploring these processes of collective enquiry, along with their eventual outcomes within a broad international context.

This gathering will bring together diverse voices from academic, artistic and public contexts to discuss the ambitions, methodology and impact of transdisciplinary research. The day will involve provocations from speakers followed by opportunities for prepared responses and open discussion. Along with a fascinating day of enquiry, we anticipate that suggestions for practical next steps will also emerge.